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Introducing Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball anime series is one of the most popular anime in the world. Dragon Ball tells the story of the journey of Son Goku for learning immortal martial arts. He went through the training to master martial arts and then went to explore the world with his friends to search dragon balls. There are many versions of anime fighting action games that you can find to play on PC and phone but very few cool games that appeal to the players. If you think Dragon Ball Fighter Z is the best game, then you must try it will change your mind.

The character animations used in the Dragon Ball Legends are original just like the original comics. You can find Son Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta, Nappa, Piccolo, C17 and many other characters. In addition, the game has three future characters: “Shallot”, “Zahkh” and “Giblet”.

The characters in Dragon Ball Legends mod apk are characterized by classes, and this has all advantages and disadvantages. The game contains 5 types of colors: red (RED), yellow (YEL), purple (PUR), green (GRN), blue (BLUE) and two special types: light (LGT) and dark (DRK). When a player uses a character with a DRK class, it is more profitable to fight characters with 5 colors, but this is disadvantageous compared to LGT characters.

However, there are only two unique characters that belong to two special classes, shallot (LGT) and Giblet (DRK). In addition to classes, players can use resources to improve their characters and combat skills. When a character is upgraded, he becomes stronger and better in terms of damage and defense.


Play Dragon Ball Legends on Android & iOS


The Dragon Ball Legends hack apk is completely legit and works on all devices includes android and iOS. We have android apk and iOS application on our website that you can download and play on your phone. The game is very interesting to play, it is a role-playing card game and each card holds a unique power, but you will also visualize the fighting after using the card system.

There are 3 modes available in the game, including story mode (adventure with Goku), and online PvP mode. In story mode, you can take part in the Event of Time and defeat your opponent. The fights are designed in the form of puzzles, and you need to play by solving these puzzles. In PvP online mode, you compete with other players instead of fighting bot, in story mode. Also, the adventure mode is popular because it brings many valuable resources, and you can use these resources to improve your character and make him stronger and powerful. Our Dragon Ball Legends mod apk 2.14.0 is optimized for android 6 and iOS devices so you can enjoy the action rpg game on either of the platforms.


Dragon Ball Legends mod apk for free

We provide mod menu apk for free for our users who like to play the game with unique features. Our app is 100% safe and secure, and it is virus-free. We have tested the application in every scenario to make it work without any lagging. Some may say that free things are not worthwhile, but we can assure you that our mod apk is completely legit and secure.

Our mod apk has all the features of the original game with many extra unique features to make the game more interesting, and you don’t have to pay anything for the extra features. In the original game, you have to play excellently to earn money and get new features and skills, but in our free apk version, you will have everything for free.


How to download and install Dragon Ball Legends Android & iOS phones!

Modified application is not available on the Google Play Store. However, you can get it from our website, which is a free third-party app store. We offer many other hacked and mod games and applications, with awesome features, such as an unlimited amount of money or unlocking each level so you can enjoy the game with ease.

Let’s take a look at how to download and install the apk on your mobile device:

  1. Click on the download link on your mobile. There are separate links for both operating systems, click on the one you want to get.
  2. After the download is complete the game files goes to the manager. Go there and click to install.
  3. Now you may face the installation blocked error because default settings only allow the google play store applications to be installed in the device. You can change the preference to install the apk version 2 14 0. Go to the security settings and click on allow installation from unknown sources.
  4. Now go to the mod apk and click to install.
  5. After the installation is complete launch the game and enjoy!
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Benefits of using our apk

There are many benefits of using hack application:

  • First and very good benefits is that the apk is free and almost every in-app purchase items are also free.
  • You will have unlimited number of money to buy any item and skills to increase your strength.
  • You will also have unlimited number of chrono crystals.
  • Playing battles against Dragon Ball Legends fans from all over the world will be easy for you with full strength and great skills set which you no longer have to work for.
  • You can easily control your fighter.
  • Our mod app contains all the DB characters from the original comic book series. Heroes, villains, and even gods are available with their stories and abilities. You can easily choose the character in the you want to fight.
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Unique Features of our application

We have added very unique features in our modified application to enhance the game experience. All the original game features are also available along with our unique features. The DB itself is an exciting game, but our unique features make it more interesting to play. Now you are wondering what are these unique feature don’t worry keep on reading and you will know. Unlimited crystals, god mode are just some of the surprises we have prepared.

Following are the unique features:

  • God mode
  • One hit kill
  • Unlimited Ki
  • Unlimited vanish
  • No character cool down
  • Instant win during the battle
  • Attack multiplier X1 to X100
  • Defense multiplier X1 to X100
  • Unlimited money
  • unlimited crystals
  • Working in PvP battles and PvE mode
  • All used cards gives DB
  • All the challenges are complete
  • Unlock All function in Soul Boost

Download Dragon Ball Legends apk with unlimited money & crystals mod

You will feel excited with interesting gameplay, beautiful images, vivid sound, and Action Battles. And with our modified version, the game will be more than exciting because you will have lots of amazing features. The most important features will be unlimited money and unlimited crystals that help you get new skills, unlock different dragon ball characters, purchase helpful items, and a lot more.

Many newbie’s always feel that their characters are weaker than their competitors. That seems to be correct, as it will take some time to get used to the game. Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk will help you to master this phase with special advantages like unlimited money and crystals. With the unlimited amount to money and crystals, you can increase the strength of your characters and get special powers.

Dragon Ball Legends is one of the best fighting games of recent years. Namco company knows how to create a good fight. In the past it released Tekken and DB series available for PlayStation and xbox.

Dragon Ball Legends apk is original Saiyan’s story. Bandai namco entertainment inc took care of the perfect character like in Akira Toriyama anime. Our modified application has interesting mod features.

To play your favorite game you need a phone or a device with the android or  iOS system. Otherwise, your device may be incompatible. Sometimes we receive a report about problems with starting the application. In this case you have to enter the device settings and enable the possibility to open any application. Every device has this option turned off. All DB fans should check history of the saiyans.

Bandai namco created a intuitive controls and amazing 3d stages. High quality 3d animation of your favorite characters like Piccolo or super saiyan Son Goten, Vegeta, Trunks look great on phone.

In the game you will find hundreds of special moves. Each character has unique attacks based on the original story anime. You can force your enemies by kamehameha or gurlig gun.

Important element of the game is the accumulation of KI energy necessary for special moves. If you want to attack your opponent with maximum power, you must unleash fierce KI energy.

Latest version Dragon Ball Legends Unlimited chrono crystals and god mode has more than 60k of downloads. Original storyline based on Anime, fierce combos makes it one of the best online games in 2020. If you like the game description click and see anime action rpg gameplay. If you are a fan of the Dragon ball Z and GT series and love the story of friends wandering around the world looking for dragon balls you should check out DB legends mod apk. We also invite you to our blog, where you will find a lot of information and tips about mod features and iconic db characters.

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Terms of service

Read the terms of service and privacy policy before playing. Bandai namco entertainment inc has official rights from ©bird studio to use the image of DB anime characters. By downloading and installing the game, you become an a license holder and accept the namco entertainment terms.